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Learn exactly how I've gone from a creative with a passion but no plan, to creating the web design business I had always dreamed of.

Dream Web Design Business 

with the

wealthy web designer

you'll learn...

Starting a business

Learn about purchasing your domain, business legalities, creating our packages and pricing, brand strategy, and building your own website.

Learning the design

Learn about creating your unique style, choosing fonts, brand strategy, design strategy, finding inspo, and designing a custom website.

Learn about building a personal brand, attraction marketing, content planning, Instagram training, TikTok training, email marketing, and using Shopify and Thrivecart.

marketing the brand

Client Management

Learn about the sales process, onboarding clients, offboarding clients, streamlining deliverables, project tracking, and time-block training.

Meet your new mentor and course creator, Becca Luna

"Your fave soulful, free-spirit designer & mentor. I'm a 24-year old web designer, podcaster, educator, and spicy-marg drinker with big ass dreams. Starting all from a Macbook air and a 560 sqft apartment, I've turned a small one woman show into a multiple six-figure design studio. 

Charging $1,200 a site to crafting 5-figure packages, I've structured the Wealthy Web Designer to teach you the exact steps I've taken to make $40k+ months as a web designer. 

Now you can do the same."

This course is for those who want to dream, and do, and dare and disrupt. To seek freedom and wealth and abundance. To be obsessed with what they do and even more obsessed with who they do it for.

The Wealthy Web Designer


This course is for you

  • Not knowing where to even start. Spending hours binging youtube videos & all the "best" biz podcasts and still be like huh?

  • Lacking confidence in your design ability. Questioning yourself on the daily, feeling like a total imposter.

  • Confused on how to book clients at a premium price, while watching other designers talk about charging an arm and a leg.

  • Creating so much internal chaos because you lack systems, structures and boundaries. You’re creating a business for freedom, yet your business feels like it’s eating you alive.

If you relate to any of the above, this course was made for you!

if you're a creative...

Don't just take it from me though


"She literally changed my life and can do the same for you."

"She literally holds your hand through it all. Any questions. Any fears. Becca took me from having no knowledge to where now I am killing it with a new business. If you're thinking about it, do it." 

Jade went from no idea to a thriving business

"I know so much more about Showit and feel more confident than ever."

"I can not thank Becca enough because she is amazing and will walk you through every process. If you want to expand your business, I highly recommend it!."

Morgan went from assistant to full-time designer

"It was absolutely incredible in regards to the resources and knowledge."

"I got the confidence to really go for it in my business and take the leap of faith that I needed to take in order to quit my full time job. It is so amazing and I'm forever grateful!"

"I'm more confident and I've flipped my marketing on its head with the knowledge she's passed onto me."

"She carefully and thoroughly walks you through the process of setting yourself apart from others and I look forward to making another investment in myself with her future courses."


"I learned everything from how to get clients, the design process and so much more."

"It taught me literally from point a to point z and It has helped me so much feel more confident. It has just helped me so much when working with clients I feel aligned with. I'm so grateful and definitely recommend it."



"I am now booked out with web designs for over three months, after just one month of launching."

"I'm super grateful for the Wealthy Web Designer Course and definitely recommend it."

"I'm so happy I invested in myself. I'm so much more confident, I could not thank Becca enough."

To be scared to invest is to be scared of achieving what you're capable of

The course giving you uncapped access to all of the exclusive strategies, tools, and structures you can use to $30k+ months as a web designer.

modern brand + website design for female entrepreneurs