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Add a shop to your website or blog with this template

A chic shopping page trio for you to sell your products with ease.

Use a main shop page, a category page, and a product page to show off your products.

everything is customizable to match your branding

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what's included in the favorite things template?

3 premade page templates; main shop page, category page, and product info page.

A section to add featured categories or products.

A section for readers to subscribe to your email list. Easily use an embedded code from your email marketing provider for people to use to sign up.

formatted for mobile

Explanation of sections
for main shop page

Duplicate any category sections if you need more categories & take away any sections you may not need

menu bar to easily navigate to each section

intro area

add a sale notification

category section

email subscription sign up

promote a category

category section

category section

category section

add featured categories or products

category page

product page

List all the products in a category of products. At the bottom, there is a section to add a sign up to your email list. 

PRO TIP: Use a discount as an opt-in to your email list.

Use the product page to show all the details of each individual product.  There is a spot to add an embedded code "buy button" from Shopify for customers to add the product to their cart.

Show a few other products the customer may also like.

please note...

This template is only compatible with Showit and requires a Showit subscription. Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available.

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You will receive a PDF with a key code to enter into your Showit account. You can then customize the shopping page template however you'd like.

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